Zoo Gorilla Brings Her Baby Over To Meet Mom and Newborn on Other Side of Glass

gorilla baby

The love of a mother is both unconditional and global. Both people and animals share an unshakable relationship with their offspring, as shown in a new film captured by Michael Austin.

While on vacation in Boston, he and his wife, Emmelina Austin, took their 1-month-old son Canyon to Franklin Park Zoo. They encountered a mother gorilla named Kiki and her youngster, a 7-month-old baby gorilla named Pablo while visiting the gorilla cage.

Austin captured the magical moment when his wife and Kiki met via the glass and introduced their infants.

Michael recounts, “My wife lifted out our son to present to Kiki, who was on the other side of the cage.” “Then Kiki took Pablo and carried him over to us on her leg.”

Despite the physical hurdles between them, as well as the fact that they couldn’t converse with each other in their respective languages, The two mothers were brought together by their shared affection for their children.

Remarked Michael “Kiki was communicating with her hands. We watched Pablo lean against the glass, nose-to-nose. My wife’s and my eyes were welling up with tears”.

Emmelina briefly raises Canyon’s little hand up to the glass. Kiki immediately tried to grab it and began licking it. Kiki clearly understands the worth of a human child, and she looks genuinely happy with his arrival.

Why the family’s Youtube clip has become so viral is easy to understand. It’s a touching example of humans and animals showing care for one another, as well as a rare glimpse into how phenomenally nuanced and emotionally intelligent gorillas are.

Watch as Kiki, a zoo gorilla introduces her infant to a mother and her baby on the other side of the glass.

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