World’s Largest Cruise Ship Headed Straight From Shipyard to Junkyard


The Global Dream II, a nearly finished gigantic cruise ship, will be demolished instead of sailing the high seas because its manufacturer ran out of money and no one wants to purchase it, according to The Guardian.

Global Dream II and its sister ship, Global Dream, which was formerly designed to accommodate 9,000 passengers each, would have been the most giant cruise ship in the world by passenger capacity and sixth in terms of size, respectively.

But those aspirations were dashed when German shipbuilder MV Werften went into bankruptcy back in January of this year. Without the resources to complete the massive cruiseliner themselves, the business sought a buyer instead, and those hopes were dashed.

Unfortunately, nobody jumped at the opportunity, so the business is now compelled to abandon the baby with the bathwater. However, because Global Dreams II isn’t equipped for battle, the 260,000-ton ship will be withdrawn from the marina and sold as scrap metal. According to Guardian, MV Werften sold its facilities to a German navy unit, which will now utilize the facility to manufacture military ships.

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a significant impact on the cruise business, and this fact hangs over the plot like a dark cloud.

The passenger ships, which were once a popular getaway option for people looking for open seas and all-you-can-eat buffets, turned into nightmare central during the initial waves of the pandemic and have since managed a number of coronavirus-related restrictions, shutdowns, and staffing shortages. While stocks are still declining, businesses like MV Werften are having trouble luring cruise aficionados back on board.

Global Dream I is apparently protected from the scrapyard, a silver lining the industry can hold onto. till now.

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