Woody Harrelson Wrote a Poem for His Adorable 8-Month-Old Doppelgänger

It is very common in our culture to point out the alike features that babies and children may have to family members. Sometimes, these similarities are not exactly inside the baby’s direct family. That is the case of Cora, a baby who happens to resemble award-winning actor Woody Harrelson.

Dani Grier Mulvenna, Cora’s mother, uploaded a picture of her baby next to a Woody Harrelson film still., saying, “Ok, but how does our baby look like Woody [Harrelson].” The picture was uploaded to Twitter on August 3, 2022. Since then, the tweet has accumulated more than 30,000 retweets and 520,000 likes. Some of the responses include people telling their own doppelgänger stories.

Many people agreed with Mulvenna’s comment on the baby’s resemblance. To the mom’s surprise, the actor himself was flabbergasted by the similarities and uploaded an “Ode to Cora” on Instagram.


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The actor wrote that he was “flattered to be compared” with the baby and that he wished he had her hair. After the picture was uploaded, Mulvenna commented on the post, “you have another fan for life.”

Mulvenna tweeted again and said that her baby girl does not resemble the award-winning actor all the time but “that when she does, she really, really does.” The tweet has thousands of responses, but people are not fully convinced. The internet says that Cora looks exactly the same as Harrelson!

Dani Grier Mulvenna uploaded a picture of her baby to Twitter, which went viral due to her resemblance to actor Woody Harrelson.

People responded to Mulvenna’s picture and agreed with the comparison, and shared their own doppelgänger stories.

The actor found the tweet and wrote an “Ode to Cora,” saying that he was thrilled to be compared with such a lovable baby girl.

Mulvenna wrote a follow-up tweet and said that Cora does not look like the actor all the time, but people on Twitter seem to disagree.

Mulvenna and her family are grateful for everyone’s nice comments about her baby and said that the actor has earned “another fan for life.”

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