Woman Creates Exquisite “Wearable Storybook” Dress Inspired by a French Town

Sylvie Facon, a French designer, has designed Hommage à Arras (“Homage to Arras”), an elegant evening gown that honors the ancient town in the Hauts-de-France region. The garment, complete with “iridescent lace and pearls,” is comparable to a page from a children’s book.

Initially, the dress appears to be a creation of fiction. But a closer glance reveals that it depicts Arras’ artistic and architectural riches in their true form.

The town’s Medieval town square’s Flemish-inspired buildings are shown on the bust. Gold medieval statuettes are known as the Angels of Saudemont and rest on the waist of the model.

At the same time, a significant sculpture from Arras’ belfry, the Lion of Arras, is poised on the shoulder. In contrast to these well-known monuments, the garment also contains the small details that distinguish Arras as unique from its pavement towards its flora.

Facon aims to “perfect all steps, from the sketch to the final point,” creating garments that mix great art with tailor-made fashion. ‘ Dresses like Hommage à Arres are storytellers, highlighting the abundance of beauty in commonplace items.

Sylvie Facon created a garment that appears like something out of a fairy tale, drawing inspiration from the lovely architecture of Arras, France.

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