Tap is Wireless Keyboard and Mouse From the Future

Enter Tap – a wearable wireless keyboard and mouse! Tap only requires one hand to use and has no physical keyboard to look at while you type. With its long battery life, this wireless keyboard and mouse can be used while on the go. It is easy to learn and comfortable to wear!

However, with its high price and frequent errors, Tap may not yet live up to its lofty goals of accessibility. Still, wondering whether Tap is the best wireless keyboard and mouse for you? Here we lay out the details, both positive and negative so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

As our world becomes increasingly digital, more and more parts of life require the use of a keyboard. However, not everyone can easily use a keyboard and mouse. This includes people with one hand, blind people, and frequent travelers.

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What is Tap?

Tap is a wearable, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, and game controller. It connects to most Bluetooth-enabled devices and a vast host of operating systems. Tap allows its users to control their devices no matter where they are. Through Tap’s keyboard function, users can input text to their smartphone, PC, laptop computer, tablet, game console, or television.

This wireless keyboard and mouse also operates as a mouse for a laptop computer, PC, or tablet. Additionally, TAP can be used to control and type in virtual reality environments and augmented reality programs!

General overview

Here is some basic information and specs about Tap:

  • Weight: 45 grams small, 50 grams large
  • Size Dimensions: 31 x 30 x 211 millimeters small, 31 x 33 x 213 millimeters large
  • Material: biocompatible, skin-safe TPU, braided nylon strap, comfortable, and allows free movement
  • Case Weight: 100 grams
  • Case Size Dimensions: 165 x 44 x 41 millimeters
  • Compatible Operating Systems: iOS 9+, Android 5.0+, OS X Yosemite+, Windows 8.1+, Linux Ubuntu, Bluetooth 4.0+
  • Other Compatible Devices: Holovens, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
  • Included Apps: TapManager, TapGenius Learning System, TapAloud Audible Learning System, TapTapBunny Game, TapChase Game, TapSquadron Game, TapLoops Game
  • Battery Life: 8 hours of operation, seven days standby, 2 hours to recharge
  • Warranty: 1 year for product defects, with a 30-day return policy

How does Tap wireless keyboard and mouse work?

Tap looks like a futuristic set of brass knuckles, with a grey base and connecting white ovals. Users wear this wireless keyboard for iPad over their fingers. Tap does not have a visible or physical keyboard.

Whenever the user taps their fingers on any surface, Tap creates text! Additionally, a wireless keyboard for Mac, Tap does not use the “QWERTY” keyboard style that many Americans are used to. Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding combination of finger taps programmed into this device.

For example, a single tap of just the thumb creates the letter “A.” Tap comes with a fun game for your tablet called Tap Genius. Tap Genius makes it quick, easy, and entertaining to learn the Tap typing alphabet.

Most users learn the Tap alphabet in just an hour or two of play! Just like with regular typing, the more you use Tap, the faster you will become at writing and sending messages through it. Its app tracks your words per minute and accuracy as you learn. This feature helps you see your progress and motivates you to keep practicing.

Tap is both a wireless keyboard and mouse. To use it as a mouse, glide your thumb across any surface. This movement, in turn, moves the cursor on your laptop or PC. Tap’s cursor can also control apps and play games on any compatible device. Because of its broad community of innovative users, Tap’s features are only expanding!

Tap: the company

Tap Systems, Inc. was founded by two inventors, David Schick and Dr. Sabrina Kemeny. Each of the founders had significant previous experience as leaders in the technology industry before this innovation.

Schick founded and served as CEO of Schick Technologies, Inc., which spearheaded the movement to bring digital technology into commercial dentistry. Kemeny was the co-founder and CEO of Photobit Corp. She co-invented the “camera-on-a-chip” style of technology, which is at the heart of every modern digital camera and cell phone. As a company, Tap’s goal is to forever change the input technology industry for the better.

Tap’s products allow new technologies and experiences, from texting to virtual reality systems, to be widely adopted, rather than limited to an exclusive community. They are committed to creating products that work with everyone, especially blind and disabled communities.

This is why Tap’s wireless keyboard and mouse only require one hand to operate. Though based in Los Angeles, California, Tap is a multinational company. Their team members work together across North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Tap delivers its products to more than fifty countries on five continents.


The Tap wearable strap costs $119.00, with free worldwide standard shipping. If ordering from abroad, international duties and taxes will be charged upon delivery.

Tap wireless keyboard and mouse come in two sizes, large and small. The large size is meant to be operated by hands that are 3 inches wide (76 mm) or larger.

People with hands between 2.25 and 3 inches (55mm to 76mm) in width should use the small size. Young children with hands smaller than 2.25 inches (57 mm) in width may not be able to operate Tap properly. This purchase includes the following items and benefits:

  • Tap wearable strap
  • Charging case
  • 370mA backup battery (micro-size, providing eight hours of operation)
  • MicroUSB cable
  • Quickstart guide
  • TapMapper Tool for customization
  • Several free mobile Tap apps and games, compatible with iOS and Android
  • Access to the official TapWithUs community Facebook group
  • Free firmware updates

Tap wireless keyboard and mouse pros

By its description alone, Tap wireless keyboard and mouse is undeniably a breakthrough in communication technology. It has been featured in several notable press outlets, including CNN, ABC, BBC, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal.

Tech magazines Wired, Mashable, Tech Crunch, and Venture Beat have also promoted Tap. Tap wireless keyboard and mouse opens the world of smartphones to people who struggle with devices that require the use of two hands. Here are some more positive qualities that make Tap the best wireless keyboard and mouse for the modern world!

Tap can be used anywhere

Tap does not need to be plugged in. It doesn’t need a desktop, a keyboard, or even an internet connection. All you need to use a Tap wireless keyboard and mouse is a hand, a flat surface, and the device you want to control.

Tap works well with a wide variety of operating systems, including iOS and Android. It even communicates with immersive virtual reality and augmented reality environments.

There’s a perfect chance you will not have to buy a new device to be compatible with Tap! Also, with its long battery life of eight hours, Tap is an ideal device for frequent travelers. If left unused, it can hold a charge for seven days. This means it can go a while without being plugged in!

Tap is both a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse

While some devices require separate purchases of a wireless keyboard and mouse, Tap is both devices in one! You tap your fingers to use the keyboard and slide your thumb to use the mouse. The mouse function is especially handy for people tired of losing their wireless mouse. It’s hard to lose something that you wear on your hand!

Tap is easy to learn and easy to use

Tap wireless keyboard and mouse have a unique alphabet, which might seem daunting at first. Fortunately, Tap comes with several apps that turn learning to use this device into a fun game!

Users seven years old and up can easily use these apps and learn the typing language. Tap also includes an audible learning app for blind users and a handy glossary of letter combinations for reference.

Thanks to these games, most users learn the Tap alphabet in a couple of hours. After just a few days of practice, you will be typing at average keyboard speeds. The current typing record on a Tap wireless keyboard and mouse is 62 words per minute. That user achieved that speed in just three weeks of practice!

Tap is also customizable, with simple guides that allow you to remap the device’s functions. This means that you can alter Tap to help you play games and make music on your smart devices.

Tap is comfortable and ergonomic

You can wear Tap on either hand. Tap has a ring for each finger, and each ring is adjustable. You can tighten or loosen the rings for maximum comfort. A soft woven cord connects the rings. Every part of the device is lightweight and does not strain the hand wearing it. It also just plain looks cool!

Tap wireless keyboard and mouse cons

Many users are happy with their Tap wireless keyboard and mouse. However, this new technology is not without its issues. Before you decide that this is the best wireless keyboard and mouse for you, here are some of Tap’s negative qualities.

Tap is a bit pricey

Though standard shipping is free, a single Tap device still costs over one hundred dollars. Of course, this higher price is to be expected for such a new technology. One would hope that as Tap becomes more mainstream, it will become more affordable. The price has already gone down from its previous estimate of $149.99.

With Tap, you are also getting both a keyboard and a mouse in one device at one price. However, Tap has a goal of being accessible to all people, all over the world. A high price is a detriment to the product’s accessibility, especially among the disabled communities that most need it.

No set-up wizard

Tap wireless keyboard and mouse come with several apps, including several games and a TapManager app. However, these apps do not include a set-up wizard.

Tap does come with a detailed manual, but that is not the most convenient form of information for some users. This may make it less easy to get started with Tap than it may be for other wireless keyboards.

Errors and accidental key presses are common

You use your hands for more than just typing, but Tap interprets any finger press as a letter. If you reach for your water bottle without first turning off the typing function, you may send an accidental message.

Also, Tap might be too easy to learn for its good. Some quick typing users find that Tap cannot keep up with them, and will choose the wrong letters.

Typos are always inconvenient, but even more so on a device without a visible “backspace” key. It still has some kinks to work out.

Tap does not work on soft surfaces

Tap claims to be able to be used anywhere and at any time. However, it only works well on hard surfaces, like a desk or a table. Tapping on a knee or a bed leads to even more typing inaccuracies.

Tap also requires more forceful tapping than most people are used to typing with on a regular keyboard.

Tap’s mouse can be inaccurate

Tap’s company prides itself on creating a two-in-one device, both a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. However, even users who excel at typing with Tap struggle to use its mouse function.

Sliding your thumb along a desk can be an uncomfortable activity. Also, the mouse movement tends to be imprecise, leading to frustration for users. Computer mice are also commonly used to scroll down or up a webpage. However, it is difficult to scroll using Tap.

Overall rating

It has a lot of potential. It is the solution to the problem of making typing accessible to people with only one hand and also is available for users who have a difficult time reading the keys on a keyboard.

Tap wireless keyboard and mouse is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to learn. If you or a family member needs Tap’s solution, and if you can afford the price, Tap is worth it.

However, Tap may not yet be living up to its ambitious goals. Because of its typing errors and inability to be used on soft surfaces, Tap may not be the best solution for users who can still use a standard wireless keyboard and mouse. Other devices are even more accurate and less expensive.

But Tap is a new device, and it has a growing community experimenting with and developing it. Shortly, Tap could become the revolutionary, accessible innovation its inventors want it to be!

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