What’s New in Chrome 91

Google’s Chrome browser is the most popular in the world, and the internet giant is following a fairly fast schedule for its update. New versions are now released every four weeks. This means that each of them offers fewer innovations, instead of one big update, many changes.

So, the latest Chrome 91 in all its versions for Windows, Android, Linux, Chromebook, etc. is already traveling to users. Depending on the version, there will be some differences in the available features and capabilities.

Chrome 87 introduced the open tab search feature. First, it was for Chrome OS, and later it became available for Windows. Chrome OS now has the ability to search for recently closed tabs.

Chrome 91 also introduces a new feature for its desktop platform versions that allows you to copy and transfer files. This is done through the traditional combination of CTRL + C and CTRL + V. The Copy-Paste function has been available so far for photos and some text, but now it will be able to transfer a variety of files. When they are copied from the computer to the browser, they will automatically integrate into the email, for example. It will be able to be activated by this command: chrome: // flags / # clipboard-filenames, which is displayed in the browser’s address field.

Chrome for Android will also offer a few minor changes. The first is the ability to “track” sites. The user will be able to subscribe to their favorite pages and new posts from them will appear in a section when opening a new blank tab. The feature is still experimental and is being activated in stages for users, so it may not be available to everyone from the beginning.

The browser version for the mobile platform will also receive an updated interface. It is expressed in small novelties for some elements of the interface, such as progress bars, “boxes” for bookmarks, and others. There are also a number of new features for developers to help them offer more features on their sites.

Chrome 91 is already being distributed to users, and when auto-updates are enabled, it will update itself. You can check through the main Chrome menu> Help> About Google Chrome.

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