What Hunting Apps Do You Use?

What Hunting Apps Do You Use

When you’re out hunting, you need to stay informed. You can check the weather, locate games, and shop for supplies using the HuntStand app. You can also share success stories and share gear with your hunting friends. These apps help you stay connected with the hunting community. There are plenty of apps for hunting, so you need to choose the right one for your needs.

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The Weather Channel

If you’re a hunting enthusiast, The Weather Channel is a great resource. The app provides hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts for your local area. The app also features “Feel like” information and real-time radar rain alerts. There’s even an option to track seasonal allergies and COVID cases. You can subscribe for free or pay a one-time fee to access premium features.

For example, imagine that this weekend is a Nor’easter, dumping twenty inches of snow on 45 million people in the Northeast. Without live streams and updates, predicting weather conditions would be very difficult. The live streams provided by The Weather Channel can provide context and live updates about specific weather events.

Other features of The Weather Channel include forecasts for a specific location, detailed air analysis, and weather warnings. You can select your location and “favorite” stations so that you get the most accurate forecast. The app even allows you to geolocate your location. This is invaluable when hunting.

If you are a hunter and enjoy watching the weather, you can download The Weather Channel app to get the latest updates on the weather. The app also provides you with local weather alerts.

It shows weather data up to 70 years in the past and gives a full forecast for your location. In addition, it displays radar satellite images, which you can’t get elsewhere. And you’ll receive daily notifications and background updates about the weather.


Powderhook is an app that combines public land maps with hunting and fishing information. It also has a mentoring system, where users can ask questions of experts in the field.

This feature makes Powderhook one of the best hunting apps because it allows novices to gain confidence while hunting by learning from a veteran who has been hunting and fishing for many years.

This app is a great resource for hunters who enjoy using maps to find their hunting spots. It turns your smartphone into a GPS locator, showing you the areas where different species of animals live. You can also use the app to get weather forecasts and see where other hunters have been recently.

The app is free and has a large database of maps. The app also contains over 400 overlays, letting you easily layer map data. You can also view topographic lines on aerial photographs and set waypoints. You can even create maps offline, which makes it a great hunting tool while you’re out in the backcountry.

Another useful hunting app is Weather Underground. You can get up-to-date weather and wind information with this app. It also gives you a forecast for seven days ahead of time.

This app is free, but you can also get the pro and elite packages for $60 or more. It can also help you plan your hunting trips. Users can also interact with others and learn new hunting techniques.

Another app that lets you talk to other hunters is HuntersTalk. With this app, you can easily find other hunters nearby. It also has a map that provides driving directions to specific locations. This feature is very helpful for hunters who have never been to these areas.


HuntStand is one of the most popular free hunting apps on the market. It has a variety of great features, including custom waypoints, weather information, and land management capabilities.

Users can also create detailed maps of their hunting areas. The app also has built-in measurement tools that let you calculate area and distance. Users can also share their maps with friends. And, you can sync the app with your computer to see your map whenever you want to check it out.

Another great hunting app is Powderhook, which features detailed maps of public and federal land parcels. Its main purpose is scouting potential hunting and fishing zones.

Although it is free, it does have limited sharing capabilities. On the other hand, HuntStand is more comprehensive and includes weather forecasts and maps that incorporate real-time map layers and sighting records.

Other great features of this app include tracking wind speed, direction, and moon cycles. It also helps you communicate with other hunters by setting up social events and collaborating with them. The app is also great for simulating the survival of the fittest. It also has a free parcel boundary feature.

Users can also use the app for weather predictions. It provides a 72-hour weather forecast, including wind speeds and direction. The weather data is updated in real time, and users can download it in advance if cell reception is poor.

The app’s user interface is easy to understand and navigate. The app also includes information on the sunrise and sunset times, the moon phase, and barometric pressure.

Another good feature of HuntStand is its ability to create maps of public and private lands. This feature is not available in any other app and is the only one that allows you to do so free of charge. It even includes the ability to track your trail, which is useful when hunting.


Scoutlook is a great hunting app that provides users with a map that can help them locate deer and track their movements. It also displays weather and landowner details. In addition, it can record your activities and save them for future reference. Users can also mark waypoints on maps and share them with other hunters.

Another feature is the ability to record sounds. The app has recordings of 12 different species and 24 different calls. These recordings are helpful for both learning and teaching about different animal calls. They can also be used as a tool to help new hunters learn how to recognize different sounds and boost their own ability with animal calls.

ScoutLook is free and comes with a built-in GPS map. The app also provides information about the weather, the moon phase, and wind and cloud activity. Users can also mark favorite spots, trails, and scrapes. With these features, ScoutLook is one of the best hunting apps.

Another great hunting app is HuntStand. This application comes with an intuitive map that makes it easy to navigate. It also provides important property information, tracking features, weather reports, and social elements.

Users can also customize the maps in the app and sync them between different devices. It is free to download, but users can pay for extra features and remove ads if they so wish.

It is essential to keep in mind that hunting apps are not all the same. You need to choose one that meets your specific requirements. This way, you will ensure that you’re getting the best possible results.

HuntStand for whitetail deer

The HuntStand is an app developed by a South Carolina company. It uses GIS data and digital imagery to customize hunting areas. The app works on your smartphone and can record hunting data all year round. Using the app, you can easily see where you’ve been and when.

With the HuntStand app, you can virtually zoom through the hunting grounds to see where buck movements are most concentrated. Moreover, it comes with 3D maps, which are invaluable when hunting.

In addition, you can also track the location of nearby public and private properties. This can help you make an accurate hunting plan and increase your chances of scoring the prize.

The app offers a weather tool that can help hunters monitor the weather conditions at a glance. It provides a 72-hour list view and a 5-day forecast. Weather conditions can affect your hunt as inclement weather reduces the scent that hunters leave behind, and high winds can prevent you from seeing deer.

The HuntStand ecosystem also enables users to organize pictures by camera location. You can manage multiple cameras at once, sort them by location, and view heat maps and movement predictions. The app also offers 40GB of free storage space for your photos. And if you’d rather have your pictures on the go, you can easily sync them with the app.

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