Here’s What Happens When You Run an Automobile Engine on Grease


If you’re looking for a good time with some of your favorite Russian mechanics, a Lada engine, and grease, you’ve found the right place.

There have been numerous experiments in the engines of the cars serviced at Garage 54 by various fluids. Their most recent video shows them retrofitting an old Lada engine that they no longer require with lithium grease.

Lithium grease is a white liquid widely used for a variety of purposes as a lubricant. It has the potential to help reduce friction and contribute to the smooth operation of components when it is utilized appropriately.  Can it, however, power a motor?

In the video, mechanical experts first pour lubricant into an engine, followed by a test run to determine whether the engine is running and if enough thermal energy has been generated to prevent excessive thickening.

Next, the mechanics move on to the next phase of their work.  If the yield of thermal energy is negative, then the answers to both of these questions will also be negative. If you are interested in seeing how the experiment is carried out and discovering whether or not the engine stops running, you can do so by viewing the video below.

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