5 Great Ways to Use Marble in Interior Design

marble in interior design

From the Taj Mahal and the Parthenon to the Venus de Milo and David of Michelangelo, marble has been used through the centuries to add a touch of class to any setting. Today it continues to be used widely in interior design and it’s easy to see why.

First of all marble, with its characteristic grains and distinctive color variations, is in a class of its own looks-wise. Its availability in many different colors and patterns meanwhile makes it a highly flexible medium that can be chosen to fit its purpose and surroundings.

The way its crystals reflect light only adds to its allure, while its durability and the relative ease with which it can be cleaned make it a practical choice.

#1 Walls

Marble walls can add a subtle air of regal opulence to any design and can look great in a variety of settings, from lobbies and foyers to bathrooms. These days marble walls are available to suit virtually any budget, thanks to the wonders of marble wall cladding.

And with so many different types and colors of marble to choose from, the right effect can be found for most rooms.

#2 Floors

Often used in combination with marbled walls, marble floors can be an attractive and functional choice for high traffic surfaces such as public entrances. Relatively easy to clean and maintain, marble floors give a naturally beautiful appeal to any space and can be combined well with carpeted areas.

A popular way of using marble for floors in interior design is to use two or more different types and colors of marble to create a patterned effect or even a corporate motif. This can be a powerful way to create good first impressions in lobbies.

#3 Countertops

Marble countertops are another popular use of marble in interior design, particularly in the home. Many people like to use marble countertops in their kitchens, as it not only looks stunning but is also quite affordable and available. The only drawback may be scratching, and on light-colored marble, staining.

#4 Statues/ornamental pieces

As evidenced by its use to create some of the greatest works of art dating back to antiquity (visit the millennia-old Elgin Marbles at the British Museum to witness this firsthand), marble quite simply looks good.

It remains a fine choice for showpieces and other ornamentation as it was during the building of the Parthenon, and is great if you’re looking to create a talking point within a space. The slight translucency of the material makes it particularly useful for bringing life to human or animal figures.

#5 Fireplaces

Whether it’s for an intimate restaurant centerpiece or a domestic setting, a marble fireplace makes for an elegant focal point for your interior design. When it’s not switched on it’s an attractive feature that can liven up any large expanse of wall, but turn on the power and you’ve got a real charmer and something that can really add to the overall atmosphere of a room.

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