Volvo’s New Electric Car Won’t Drive if It Detects That You’re Drunk

According to studies, more than 10,000 people die every year due to drunk driving. Could you imagine the lives that could be saved if cars prevented you from driving whenever you are too drunk? You don’t have to picture it anymore.

Recently, Volvo announced its “diver understanding system,” which will be included in its new vehicle, the EX90 electric SUV. The system utilizes light detection and ranging (LIDAR) sensors.

The company plans to include one in the exterior of the car to help with the detection of obstacles on the road. The other two will focus on the driver’s eye with the intention of detecting if they are in a good state for driving or need help to do so.

The car will give a few warnings to the user if the sensors detect that they are inebriated. It will slow down until it stops and will light on the integrated hazard lights if the issue continues to happen.

The system reads “eye patterns” to figure out the state of the driver. Then, the car will alert the user about the situation. For instance, not keeping your eyes on the road could be perceived as text-driving, while focusing on the road too much may give the vehicle the idea that the driver is lost in thought and is not focused on the task they have at the moment.

Still, LIDAR technology doesn’t have the best reputation right now. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has stated his hatred for it multiple times. Contrary to this, Volvo has shown interest in this tech to prevent accidents and assist impaired drivers, The Verge reports.

While it is still uncertain whether the system will be effective and will comply with its main function or not, a positive outcome could make Volvo a trendsetter among vehicle manufacturers around the world.

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