United Kingdom Declares Octopuses, Squids Are Sentient Beings

Government policy decisions to recognize crabs, octopuses, and lobsters as sentient beings

According to a press release by the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, the country will add an amendment to its Animal Welfare Sentience Bill. This will allow for recognition of sentient creatures such as octopus, squids, squids, and squids as well as “all other cephalopod molluscs and decapod crustaceans”

This bill is intended to ensure that animal sentience can be considered when developing government policies. It could also inform debates about animal rights.

This update was made possible by a thorough report from the London School of Economics and Political Science, which found that these animals can feel pain, pleasure, hunger, and thirst.

According to the release, this is due to the “complex central nervous system” of the creatures. It is one of the key hallmarks of sentience.

It is worth noting, however, that the law will have no effect on existing practices or operations in the marine industry. The law only affects future government decisions.

It’s encouraging to see that a large world government is making concrete steps to recognize the sentience and appreciate the fact that they are being boiled alive to provide delicious meat.

When the Bill becomes law, it will create an Animal Sentience Committee consisting of experts from the field. They will be able to issue reports on whether government decisions have considered sentient animal welfare, with Ministers having to respond to Parliament.

[h/t]: Futurism

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