According to a new study, there are four types of introverts – social, thinking, anxious, and abstaining. Every kind of loner has its superpower, a quality that makes its drawbacks the most significant asset.

See what the four types of introverts are and what superpowers they possess.

Introverts are more closed people by nature. Although they are susceptible, they rarely show their emotions to others. On a side, they may appear tense, stifled, unwilling to communicate, but as in every person, it’s never that simple.

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Until recently, the introverts were a whole separate group, but a few months ago, a new categorization of introverts appeared. Professor of Psychology Jonathan Cheek did it. According to him, there are four types of them. Each kind is unique and holds its secret “superpower.”

Social introvert

Social introverts are closest to what we have so far recognized in the term. They prefer to spend time in small groups instead of large companies. They love to be alone, and this is a way for them to reload. They prefer to have few but trusted friends and relatives than many acquaintances. They don’t trust strangers, communicating with new people overstrains them.

The secret superpower of the social introvert: Creates deep and lasting ties of trust.

Thinking introvert

They are creative. Although they do not fancy it, they often show new ways, different ways, and alternative solutions. When in a group, the thinking introverts are calm, waiting for their order to come. They do not try to impose their opinion or dominate above the other people in any way. Thinking introverts help others find the solution to a problem by supporting them quietly and without interfering.

The secret superpower of the thinking introvert: Creativity and innovation

Anxious introvert

Anxious introverts are shy. They often avoid public places because many people tense and oppress them. Anxious introverts tend to focus on what might go wrong. And that’s why; often, anxious introverts have a plan – for every situation. Because of their anxiety, they have learned to be self-sufficient and rarely seek help or even advice from someone.

The secret superpower of the anxious introvert: Planning and attention to every detail

Restrained introvert

Restrained introverts like to think about the situation before deciding what to do. Sometimes they look slow, incompetent, or cowardly, but they are just not in a hurry to make a decision. These kinds of people like to stop for a second, and look at the situation on the side, pay attention to the whole picture without leaving the details to distract them. Emotions are not allowed to control them; instead, relying on facts helps them to decide. Restrained introverts are those who are the voice of reason and tranquility in the tensest situations.

The secret superpower of the abstained introvert: Wisdom

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