40 Times Wild Animals Interrupted Wildlife Photographers

The internet can be a strange place, and few sub-locales are odder than Twitter. The home of microblogging has a revolving cast of main attractions and conversation points, most of which revolve around misplaced rage and anger. It seems that the human condition is forever destined to seek out antagonism and conflict.

Perhaps we should take a leaf from the book of the animal kingdom. Our furry, feathered, and fluffy friends typically live exclusively in the moment, worrying less about what everybody else is doing and minding their own business. This spirit is captured in a beautiful Twitter thread that reminds us that social media can be great every once in a while.

The thread in question was started in January 2021 by Joaquim Campa. The subject? “Animals interrupting wildlife photographers.” Sometimes, the most straightforward explanations are the best. The thread is 40 images deep, and each of them contains an image that is equal parts adorable and hilarious.

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In each instance, a professional photographer attempts to blend into the background and capture a moment in time, only to be photobombed by a wild critter.

The images are likely to strike a chord in the age of working from home, where pet dogs and cats have become the stars of the show in countless business Zoom calls. Just like our domesticated companions, it seems that wild animals cannot sate their curiosity when confronted with a human toying with technology.

Foxes are particularly commonplace throughout the images. Indeed, the thread opens with one of these striking canines staring straight into the lens of a camera. Plenty of other creatures makes appearances throughout, though, from the ever-amusing meerkat to a seal making itself comfortable on the back of a shutterbug.

Watching photographers bond with potentially lethal animals such as leopards, bears, and wolves is also heartwarming. However, a handful of images serve to remind us that we are sometimes uninvited guests in the terrain of our animal brethren. It never hurts to receive a gentle reminder to treat nature with the respect that it deserves.

Campa is no secret to compiling human interest threads. Check out his guide to the most beautiful libraries and reading spaces in the world for more soul-cleansing goodness. Every once in a while, it pays to be reminded that there is more to Twitter than just bile and anger – and that, no matter how frustrating human behavior can be, animals will always keep us grounded.

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