Famous Cat Honored With His Very Own Statue

A beloved cat from the neighborhood, known for his relaxed, comfortable style of lounging around, was given one of the most prestigious honors that a feline can receive: a permanent memorial to his memory in a place he loves.

Tombili was known as a street-wise figure in Istanbul. Although it is not clear if Tombili had a home, his sweet disposition and chubby body suggest that he was surrounded by people who cared for him.

His popularity quickly made him popular beyond his homeland of Turkey. After the image of Tombili was shared online by viral website 9GAG and then across social media platforms, Tombili became a worldwide celebrity. He was a relaxed cat who was easy to care for.

Other photos taken by passersby also show that this was Tombili’s thing.

Unfortunately, Tombili’s newfound fame was too close to the end of his life.

He died in August 2016 after falling ill earlier in the summer. However, it wasn’t long before a temporary memorial was set up at his favorite spot with a note.

However, even a simple flyer on paper was not enough to remember him.

A petition was started after Tombili’s passing to ask the city for a statue to honor his memory. The petition received more than 17,000 signatures. According to the Hurriyet Daily News, the plan was approved and the cool cat was soon back to his old ways in spirit.

R.I.P., Tombili. Your presence will be greatly missed.

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