5 Tips for Beginner Surfers


Surfing is one of the most popular and exhilarating sports there we partake in. There is nothing like the grand beauty of a nice wave, and the thrill of riding it is like no other.

But it isn’t as easy as standing up and surfing the greatest waves- at least theoretically. It is about practice and learning how to handle a board in the most unpredictable of terrain.

We go over some of the most basic surfing tips and strategies to get you started as a very beginner in the art of surfing. We pick up from the moment you buy a surfboard and have never entered the water with the proper knowledge. Once you have some basic tips in your arsenal, you will be much more effective in the water.

How to Lay Flat

Surfboards are topsy-turvy in the water until you find that perfect float. Surfboards are designed to float with weight on them, but everyone is different. Find the center of gravity, that place on the board where you won’t tip and rock into the water.

This is your special center. Know how this spot feels, and even make a chin mark on the board. When lying down on the board, this is where you need to be.


Do not paddle with both arms at the same time, but paddle with one strong arm, then the other, allowing you to propel forward consistently

Overcome Fear

Many people may be afraid of the actual ocean or the act of falling. Either way, overcoming your fear is the only way to get in. Try to research details about the ocean, or watch others for a while and study their behavior in the water. You aren’t the only one who falls!

Practice Standing/Popping on Land

The core of surfing as far as technique is the pop-up. This is that moment where you stand on the board on the cusp of a wave. Practice your pop-up on land. It will be totally different in the water, but at least you understand how to do it somewhat effectively, getting used to the motion.

Standing on Water

Once you do it once, it will all come together, but standing while on the water is your greatest achievement as a beginner surfer. It may take many tries, but let it! When standing up, you need to lean towards the front of your board and do a pushup.

This lifts your body upwards, while you simultaneously pull your back legs forward a bit, keeping yourself centered on the board. As you stand, stay low. Do not stand straight as you’ll fall right off, and do not look at your feet as you’ll go flying off the board.

If you manage to practice that technique on land enough times, it won’t be long until you are taking waves into the sand.

Safety Techniques

There is nothing like an accident to keep a new surfer out of the water forever. As a beginner, ALWAYS wear a leg leash. It will not only protect you but keep you more comfortable.

NEVER place your board between you and a wave. All you need is one big wave you can’t see over the board to smack you in the face. You should always surf with a close friend, someone you can trust, and someone you can enjoy the falls, mistakes, and success with.

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