There were times when the Internet was a dark place full of images of violence and pornography. Maybe you remember them. The World Wide Web was created as a technological marvel by Americans based on soil filled with disturbing content.

We have come a long way since then. Today you can find and buy almost everything. Its rugged infrastructure has grown and become a value – a basic human good that no one in the world should be deprived of.

Human rights

This happened because search engines built it and created trust in it. It’s not just about Google and Bing. Today, there is a search bar on every website and application. Without the ability to search, more or less, the Internet would be useless. Demand for the web has become as revolutionary for humanity as the internal combustion engine.

At the same time, technology is still in early childhood. Search is a scheme of algorithms for evaluating results according to certain criteria. Not enough intelligence, machine intuitiveness, interactivity. Its ability to cooperate and behave similarly to that of a human is now beginning to develop.

There will come a time when everything possible offered in the world will be available by asking a question aloud. With a request to the machine. However, even then, no matter how sophisticated the technology, there will still be some things that no one will ever be able to find on the web or in any other type of technology product. This will not stop people from trying to find them, but it will be impossible to do so.

What are these things?

Physical fatigue, after which a person becomes happier

Exhaustion of the body from running, mountaineering, basketball, then comes a wave of energy, and a person wakes up. No gamer will ever feel as happy as a marathoner.


No matter how many tweets are published, they would not have the power to change lives like books, plays, events, or meeting a person.


There are definitely different kinds of love, but the real human relationship – physical and emotional – is something different. It is just what it is.


We can compile a list of thousands of bloggers who promise to help us with advice to become happier, more successful, more passionate, to feel our inner strength. But the truth is that each of us can only really discover these things through personal experience. And by looking objectively in the mirror.


Having an internet personality is not the same as living. In fact, for many, the web is another addiction that distracts them from what really matters in their lives.

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