10 Things to do in Sardinia


The island of Sardinia (Italy) might not be as well-known as Sicily – but its natural beauties and attractions are, if anything, slightly more than the latter. In what follows, we will discuss 10 things that should surely feature on your ‘must do’ list, while vacationing on this lovely island.

Looking for a relaxing European vacation, with breathtaking sights of the Mediterranean Sea to feast your eyes on? If yes, a trip to the quaint island of Sardinia, in Italy might just be your best bet!

Right from well-stacked national parks and exotic wildlife, to archaeological gems and sheer aesthetic beauty – the island has it all to capture your imagination and make your vacation one of the keeps. Here are 10 things that you simply must do, while at Sardinia:

Get a feel of ancient Roman archaeology

Visit the archaeological sites at Tharros and Nora, and find out more about the rich Roman archaeological traditions that Sardinia boasts of. The structures at these places are 2,000 + years old – but they have not lost a fraction of their charm.

Take a stroll on the beaches

Apart from the immensely popular Costa Smeralda beach, you can also spend some time on the La Pelosa and the Li Coggi beaches.

Learn some Italian

There are several top-class Italian language training schools at Olbia, Alghero, and several other locations on the island. In addition to your sightseeing activities, you can spend some time learning Italian in Sardinia.

Check out the tourist hotspots in the Sassari city

Include a trip to Sassari city in your travel itinerary, during your Sardinian vacation. The breathtaking Rozello Fountain is truly a sight to behold, while the St. Nicholas Church also has considerable charm and grandeur of its own. The local palaces are definitely worth a visit too.

Participate in exciting sporting activities

Wish to add a tinge of adventure to your holidays? Simply go horse-riding and/or mountain bike trips at Maddalena or Stintino. Scuba diving is yet another adventure sport that you can try. You also have the option of playing a few rounds of golf.

Catch a glimpse of the rich and varied local wildlife

If you thought that the island of Sardinia was all about fin whales and monk seals – there’s a bit of good news for you. You will surely love to see the deer and foxes that abound on this island. Among the sea animals, the turtles also warrant a special mention. Hire the services of a local guide, to check out the entire range of wildlife on this island.

Visit the stone structures from a bygone era

Locally known as the Nuraghi, the roots of these attractive stone structures can be traced back to the Bronze Age. Spend a morning at the Nuraxi su Barumini, and feel an ethereal calm descend on you. There is, indeed, some magic in the air here!

Tour the residence of Garibaldi

When it comes to famous Italian politicians, the name of Garibaldi immediately springs to mind. While in Sardinia, you can check out the place where the renowned general spent the final few days of his chequered life. Caprera, the place where Garibaldi’s residence is situated, can be easily traveled by ferry from Sardinia.

Pamper your gastronomic cravings

Visit the leading local eating joints, and try out yummy local delicacies, like Culurgiones, Carasau, and Porcheddu. Have a thing for good-quality liquor? Taste the drink created from marc – and be amazed!

Visit the famous Cagliari Archaeological museum

Take a virtual tour of the rich historical traditions, cultures, and customs of the island. The Archaeological museum at Cagliari (the capital city of Sardinia) promises just that. If you are in luck, you might catch sight of a couple of celebrities in the city too!

If you are planning to visit the island in late August, you can also be a part of the fantastic Festa del Redentore, which is held annually over here. European vacations destinations do not come much more beautiful than Sardinia – why don’t you check this out for yourself?

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