4 Things Fathers Should Discuss With Their Legal Counsel

father and child

For any father dealing with the possibility of divorce, the pain, anger, frustration, and sadness of such a situation can cause a wide range of questions to arise. What will happen to your child or children after the divorce?

Will you be able to win custody?  If not, will you be able to see your child or children whenever you want?  What about child support and spousal support costs?  Having to deal with these questions, on top of the pain caused by divorce, is a harsh reality.

Fortunately, there are teams of legal experts who specialize in fighting for the legal rights of fathers. Below are a few legal areas in which fathers facing a pending divorce should discuss with their legal counsel in order to get the best advice for their situation.

Spouse and Child Support

Fathers who end up on the losing end of a spousal or child support settlement can find themselves in financial trouble very quickly. It is imperative that fathers involved in these types of legal discussions enlist the help of legal counsel.

With so many factors contributing to the court’s decision of who pays what for spousal and child support, having an expert in the area of father’s rights increases the chances of achieving the fairest terms possible.

Custody Issues

When it comes to child custody, fathers have historically been on the losing end of legal battles. Although child custody for fathers may be an uphill climb, consulting an experienced legal team that is well-versed in the area of child custody law is an essential step toward a successful result in court.

Because divorce and child custody mediation can be a rough process, discussing a sound strategy with a team of legal experts prior to mediation is normally recommended.

The Divorce Process

The state in which the divorce is taking place will determine the various types of necessary paperwork, petitions, and other legal documents.  For fathers, this delicate and highly complicated legal process is one that should not be undertaken without the advice of fathers’ rights lawyers.

The divorce process can be long and difficult, but working with an experienced legal team can help with questions regarding what to expect, what legal and financial implications may exist, and what rights a father ultimately has.

Single Father Rights

Even fathers of children born out of wedlock and non-biological de facto fathers have certain rights when it comes to custody and visitation of a child. In cases where a child has lived with a non-biological father for an extended period of time, and whom the child has come to regard as such, the courts will often take a “bond over biology” stance.

For fathers facing this type of situation, discussing their options and the rights afforded to them is an important step toward gaining custody or visitation rights of their children.

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