Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo


Inform yourself about tattooing before you decide on this crucial step.

Choose a tattoo

Tattooing is for life, so choose a tattoo that fits your personality! Do not be influenced by fashion trends. Don’t make a decision under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or friends.

Determine the location of the tattoo

Different places on the body have different sensitivity. Choose a painless one. Think about your career too: when you start a job, and your boss sees the tattoo, how would he react. Hands, faces, and necks are visible to everyone, so if you get tattooed there, choose a more standard picture.

Select a tattoo studio

Only trust specialists. Make sure tattoo devices are sterile. Your health is more important than your beauty! Ask for everything related to operator hygiene, whether the ink is fresh, the needle disinfected, etc.

Remember that there is a health risk

Unfortunately, you may get hepatitis B, C, AIDS, and other skin infections during this operation. To protect yourself from hepatitis B, get vaccinated, there is no guarantee of other infections. Do not drink alcohol before tattooing because the wound will heal slowly.

Don’t think about the pain

Different people have different levels of pain. The most painful is the genitals. The chest, back, arms, and legs are quite sensitive—neck, armpits, groin, and head – too. Areas of arms (top and bottom), calves, shoulders, outer thigh, and buttocks are of different sensitivity. These are the most common places people tattoo themselves.

Take care after tattooing

Do not remove the bandage for at least two hours. Then wash the area with soap and warm water and rinse with cold water. Do not rub it with a towel after washing, only dry the place. Be careful not to spray it with deodorant.

For 7-10 days, the tattooed place heals. During this time, you can apply Vitamin A and D or zinc paste 3-4 times a day.

After a while, the tattooed spot will start to scale. Don’t scratch it, because it will fade. Also, wear soft clothing to avoid skin irritation. Until the tattoo is fully healed, don’t go to the beach.