The Power Of Subliminal Messages

subliminal messages

Have you ever been watching a commercial about chocolate and all of a sudden you just need to have a candy bar or a cup of cocoa? You are not really hungry. You just had dessert. So, why do you want chocolate so much, you are willing to get in the car and drive to the nearest convenience store.

Commercials have used the power of subliminal messages to give the subconscious a boost toward making a purchase.

Although subliminal messaging has been frowned upon, and maybe even outlawed, the experts have already proven our unconscious thoughts can influence how we behave. So, if it works for buying a candy bar, it should work for other aspects of life as well.

So, have you ever really wanted to change something about yourself, but you do not seem to have the willpower to accomplish the task. For example, you might desperately desire to lose weight. But, you are a comfort eater, and once you get stressed, the diet is down the drain?

Maybe you are not a very confident person and you tend to put yourself down. You really want to improve your self-esteem, but you do not know how to go about it. In the meantime, you do not have the love and friendships you desire. How can you learn to like yourself better, so you can also trust in relationships with others?

The power of subliminal messages can help you change how you think about yourself, your bad habits, your willpower, and more. Scientists have already proven how words that you do not even consciously recognize can help you change your thinking. Although you are simply going about your business, subliminal messaging is hard at work.

Admittedly, the process seems totally dishonest. After all, it is invading your being without your consent or knowledge. No wonder the practice has been banned. But, what if you had total control of your personal message and had full knowledge of its silent power to help you change? Then, would you consider trying it to help you break bad habits, lose weight, concentrate better, quit procrastinating, and the list goes on . . .

Today, you can actually download a program to your computer that will feed your mind subliminal messages every time you open up your laptop or turn on your monitor. You choose the message. For example, if you want to lose weight, you can program the computer to reach your subconscious with a message to help you reach that goal.

Once you reach one goal, program the computer to feed your mind the next message concerning something you want to change about yourself. Although you are in control of the information fed to your brain, you will soon forget. For example, as you type a paper for college, your eyes are seeing a message to stay on task or work smarter, not harder. The words are so fast, you will not be thinking about anything other than the task at hand.

So, if you want to use the power of your own brain for self-improvement, consider subliminal messages. Advertisers have already proven the process really works. However, now you are in complete control. You can program your computer to help change your life.

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