Tesla Spotted Blubbering In The Ocean After Owner Drove It Onto The Beach For Some Reason


A Tesla owner chose to take their Model 3 to the beach, but that journey resulted in their prized vehicle becoming stranded in the ocean.

The ill-fated Tesla was spotted on Monday morning, languishing in a dejected state in the ocean waters just off the shoreline of Carpinteria, California.

Fortunately, no one was found to be trapped inside by the neighborhood sheriff and firefighters.

It appears that the individual in question may have been swept up by Elon Musk’s questionable assertions about the forthcoming Cybertruck having the capacity to also function as a boat or even earlier claims that the Model S could stay afloat for a brief period.

According to reports, the owner of the Tesla, who luckily was unharmed, made a mistake and drove the car onto the sandy beach, an illegal act in the area. Everything seemed fine until the tide came in, and the car submerged. The local sheriff’s office reported the story to the newspaper.

Such sophisticated wheels meet a tragic end.

The owner can take comfort in knowing that even tech mogul Elon Musk has had a tough time lately. The week hasn’t been particularly kind to the tech tycoon.

Musk’s Twitter has become increasingly mired in controversy due to his perplexing choices, so the situation with the Model 3 may have foreshadowed his impending failure.

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