Teen Starts His Own Lawn Care Business To Help Cover the Cost of His Adoption

Photo: Tyce Pender

During the summer, youths frequently mow lawns and perform other yardwork to supplement their income. With that in mind, one South Carolina adolescent decided to establish his lawn care service. However, 14-year-old Tyce Pender conserves his hard-earned money rather than spending it on himself so his stepfather will adopt him.

Throughout Tyce’s whole life, Eric Jenkins has been a part of the family; the teen’s mother met Jenkins in 2010, and he proposed to her in 2013. At the mention of Jenkins embracing him and Tylee, he recognized his desire to do everything he could to assist in making it happen for his parents.

Tyce, his brother, and his stepsister Tierrianna’s adoption is likely to cost the family many thousand dollars despite though they were able to find an attorney who would work pro gratis.

As a result, the young man turned to his mother for assistance in starting a lawn care business. As soon as he had the proper equipment, he put up an ad on Facebook to encourage others to hire him to do their yard work. Pender had over a hundred responses to his article, and within a week, he had already scheduled numerous meetings.

Sarah Larrabee, her first client, was delighted about his exceptional service.

Tyce has cut roughly 16 yards since beginning his business and earned $400 against his goal. The city of his choice has even granted him a business license.

When it comes to their son, they could not be happier.

Clearly, the teenager’s stepfather, who is still planning to pay most of the adoption fees, is deeply moved by his efforts.

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