Taking Action is Better Than Inactivity and Here’s Why

taking action

It is a well-known fact that busy people manage to do a lot of work. Their secret is simple: they never stop moving.

Of course, sitting at rest can also be a good thing if you recover. But staying at rest can also be a very bad thing if it involves procrastination, lack of judgment, and passivity.

Companies that go down usually have a passive corporate culture. Failure to take decisions can cause disasters. The possibilities are irretrievably lost. Nobody wants to risk making a decision. It is easier to sit and stay idle than to get involved in the game.

There is one example of a bank that was sending its clients, who had more complex cases or more specific files, to a neighboring competitor’s bank, instead of trying to find a solution.

At the other extreme are companies where there is a high level of innovation, people are initiative. They start new things. They are not waiting for someone to tell them something. They try to get their work done quickly and efficiently so that they have more time to start something new.

Here are some reasons why it is important to take action.

Small victories lay the foundations for the road to a great triumph. A push in the right direction can lead to great unprecedented successes, but first, you need to be able to build up critical mass. Just like in sports and business it is possible to make a complete turnaround.

But this requires confidence, the expectation of a positive outcome of the situation, which will motivate people and make them give more to themselves. Confidence is built with success and wins.

Achievements come one by one

An upcoming trip of thousands of kilometers may seem daunting. But each trip starts with one step, and it doesn’t look scary. Every step you take brings you closer to the final goal.

Highly productive employees tend to drop off another task, make another phone call, pinpoint another problem on the go before the workday is over. There will be new challenges tomorrow that you will have to deal with.

The psychological trick of splitting a large task into many small steps facilitates the process of identifying immediate activities that will ultimately lead to the task being solved.

Full perfection cannot be achieved

Forget about perfection. Just do your job. And if you make a mistake, so what? You can always try again. In an uncertain, fast-changing world, business strategies have room for improvement. Live by the old classic rules. Don’t wait for the perfect time, it may never come. You don’t risk anything, you get nothing. Behind every success lies a dose of risk.

Actions give energy and momentum

One simply feels better at acting than at staying idle and inactive. Reworking can be really stressful, but in fact, many studies show that the key factor in workplace stress is the lack of control. Identifying affirmative action gives you a sense of control.

The constant movement does not squeeze energy, it gives energy. For example, for people who have a weight problem or just want to lose 2-3 pounds, exercising is more fun than dieting.

These principles are more than management tips. They reflect an I-can philosophy that is crucial for any entrepreneur or for any job that requires more entrepreneurial spirit. The only way to activate the potential is to support action.

This sometimes seems difficult. Organizational cultures, despotic bosses, non-cooperative colleagues, unclear long-term goals, insecurity in the industry, global problems such as disasters and revolutions can hinder human development and activity. But those who will emerge victoriously, and nevertheless do the work, are those who prefer to do something, instead of being left alone and idle.



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