Surgeon Stripped of License For Carving His Initials Into Patients’ Organs

Simon Bramhall, a British transplant surgeon of age 57, has been stripped of his medical license for carving the initials “SB” into two of his patients’ organs using an electronic beam back in 2013.

The doctor’s crime was discovered when, a week later, another surgeon discovered the initials branded on one of Simon’s patients. Simon said that it was something he did to relieve the stress of the long and difficult hours of transplant surgery, the Guardian reported.

Following this, Bramhall was immediately suspended from his practice, and while disciplinary authorities debated the appropriate consequences, he would face.

While Bramhall resigned from his post on his own in 2014, he was convicted of assault in 2017 and fined $3000. In 2018, though, the doctor resumed practice at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which said that the doctor had made “a mistake” and that “it had no impact whatsoever on the quality of his clinical outcomes.”

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In 2020, however, the doctor was suspended once again due to the mass outrage regarding the negligible consequences he faced. One brain surgeon wrote to the Guardian back in 2017 and said that what Bramhall did was “silly” and that the legal system was an “ass” for the consequences it made the infamous surgeon face.

In 2021, the surgeon’s case was reconsidered under an appeal before finally, in 2022, his medical license was taken away by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service- The disciplinary body responsible for reviewing complaints against licensed medical professionals.

As the news of the once-famous surgeon’s misconduct has resurfaced, another shocking detail has come to light. While the disciplinary committee decided the fate of his career, Simon was busy co-authoring a series of medical thrillers (which were presumably based on his story) titled “Scalpel Stories,” which was a story of a surgeon who got caught branding his initials onto his patients’ organs.

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