This Space-Themed Birthday Cake Reveals an Entire Universe When Sliced

Do you want to make someone’s birthday extraordinary? This amazing dessert is the perfect way to do it! Naushee, aka Pedagiggle, created this multi-layered space birthday dessert for her son, Ilyas. It’s as (inter-)stellar on the inside as it is on the exterior.

The tall cake’s exterior features hand-painted cosmos planets, while the top is adorned with a rocket ship. As if that wasn’t enough, when you cut into the cake, the whole solar system can be seen, including Earth, Mars, and the magnificent swirl of the Milky Way.

The culinary mom needed to use creative problem-solving to create the vanilla-flavored cake. The baker explained that she wanted to create a space/galaxy cake that looked spacey from the outside but was also spacey inside. I couldn’t find a recipe so I had no choice but to make it up.

To have true colors and milky way swirls, she started with a white cake recipe. Next, she added food coloring to make the colors green, blue, and red. These were then shaped into spheres using a cake pop mold and then incorporated into the swirling purple in the overall cake.

planetary space cake 1

planetary space cake 2

The instructions are super simple too:

Step 1 – The planets

A white cake recipe is required for this cake. This was done because I wanted to use true colors and white galaxy/Milkyway swirls instead of yellow-tinged.

Mix together the white cake mix and divide it into five portions. I wanted Earth, Mars, and the sun so I colored each piece a different color green.

Make as many Earth balls in a cake pop mold as you can by adding green and blue blobs and dollops to the mixture. Continue with red and orange (Mars), as well as yellow (the sun).

Bake. Each batch took 8 minutes. They can be made into balls if they aren’t perfect or have an excessive crust. Stop here and freeze them. Continue on to the next step if you are determined.

Step 2 – The galaxy cake

If the balls were frozen, remove them and let them cool naturally before you move on to the next step.

This is basically a marble cake. You can make more white cake mixture. I doubled the recipe for the balls. Divide into four equal portions, 4:1:1:1.

You can use a lot of food colors. I used an Americolor black, violet, and electric pink to make the entire meal. Each part should be colored as per the instructions and one portion left white.

Place the dark blue in the container and evenly distribute pink and purple blobs all around the tin. Add the white to the colored parts. Mix the mixture with a wooden skewer to create swirly figures-8s. Bake for ten minutes. Use a spoon to make space for planets.

Cover the pan with a lid and shake the tin gently to ensure complete coverage. Bake another 20 minutes. They could be dropped in the oven and covered, but they might burn due to double baking. They didn’t sink to the bottom, which was also something I wasn’t sure of.

Step 3 – decorate

Decorate however you wish.

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