5 Signs It’s Time to Move Out of Your Parents’ Home

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leaving parents home

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to think about moving out from underneath their parents’ feet and into a home of their own. Some people do this at 18 when they go to university and never move back in and some people wait until they are fully stable in their career and are approaching 30.

Either way, it is an important consideration to make as outstaying your welcome could put a strain on the relationship you have with your parents, but flying the nest too early could lead you to you knocking on that door again a few years down the line.

So how are you supposed to know when is right for you? Different people develop a need for independence at different stages of their life but there are a few key signs that we should all look out for.

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Your Friends Are All Moving Out

It is natural in life that we are attracted to making friends with similar-minded people. Friendship groups have the same sense of humor, the same social values, and even have similar levels of attractiveness and so it makes sense that if your friends are starting to move out you should think about doing the same.

This is, even more, the case if you and your mates stage regular nights at each other’s homes and while you’re visiting their swanky new pads; you still have to turf your mum out of the living room for your night.

You Have Outgrown Your Living Quarters

As opposed to living in your own home and having plenty of space; living with your parents limits the room you have to store everything and just live in comfort. If you start to feel like you are spilling out of your bedroom and your parents are constantly telling you to clear your belongings up from around the house then perhaps you should start looking for your own property.

You’re Coming Home Late, a lot

When you reach an independent age you are likely to start going out in the evenings and not coming back until way past your bedtime. This is fine as long as your parents are understanding but if it starts to become the norm and they give you a ticking off every time then it may be time to escape the rules of the roost.

You Enter A Serious Relationship

At the start of a relationship, you may be able to blag going back to the other person’s home instead of yours a few times but there will eventually come a time when they want to come back to yours. If it then transpires that you live with your parents it could lead to you becoming single again rather quickly or at least experiencing the embarrassing questions from mum in the morning.

Your Bank Balance Is Bigger Than Your Parents’

Unless you have recently won the lottery and have been very stingy with your winnings your bank balance should never be bigger than your parents’.

One major reason why people stay living with their mum and dad way into their twenties is that they don’t have the money, but have you ever thought about your parents’ funds? They might be struggling to support you but are putting a brave face on it for your sake. In this situation moving out may be the best option for both parties.

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