6 Signs that Indicate Uncertainty Controls Your Life

What are the sure signs that we are insecure in ourselves and how does this lack of self-confidence makes us unhappy? See the six signs of uncertainty controlling your life, and the tips on how to handle it.

#1. You love to please others

You are guided by what others want, not by what would satisfy you. You need to see and hear the approval of people regularly. Otherwise, you are unhappy.

How to overcome this:

Look at yourself and learn to recognize when you do something at will and when you do something for someone else. Try to think over these situations and change them a little bit.

#2. You can’t refuse

Not only do you want others to be happy, but you also try to always agree with their opinion, act according to their demands, and you fail to say “No” to them… no matter how uncomfortable this makes you. You do it for your loved ones as well as for the people who are not important in your life.

How to overcome this:

Start by saying “No” to the little things and to those not so close to you. It will be difficult at first and probably interpreted as rudeness (because they are not accustomed to refusal). Little by little, however, you will begin to feel more comfortable in such situations.

#3. You have the feeling that you are not doing enough

Do you think that you could do more in a given case? You are probably easily offended with even the slightest notice. You think you deserve nothing in your life. This is a sure sign that you are insecure.

How to overcome this:

Share your thoughts with a loved one about how you feel and try to create self-esteem. Even if it sounds like a cliché, try writing a list of things that you are good at and what you have contributed to. Do not forget the small stuff, because they are the foundation for significant events.

#4. Comparing yourself to others

There is no more of a definite sign of uncertainty than always comparing yourself to others. You look at what they have and what they have achieved, and you immediately compare yourself by repeating to yourself what you don’t have and what has not happened to you. You even fall into a state of self-pity.

How to overcome this:

Avoid people who make you feel similar. It may sound extreme, but it is far more feasible than saying “You must stop feeling that way” – a quote you will get from people who have never been in your situation.

#5. You see no meaning in anything

A sure sign of uncertainty is that you do not see any sense in the things you do. Work, friendships, relationships – anything and everything.

How to overcome this:

Think about your place in the lives of your loved ones and friends. See why you take a special place in it.

#6. You do not like your body

You feel insecure about your body. You wear mostly broad clothes in neutral colors, and you feel ashamed every time someone looks at you on the street because you think they are judging you.

How to overcome this:

The good thing is that we live in a time when women can gain confidence in their bodies. Beauty standards have changed, and plus-sized beauties have an increasing role at center stage.

Our advice is to look for inspiration in these Internet plus-size sensations. Look for tips on how to dress according to your figure. The world will see you as you see yourself in the mirror.

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