This Shield is Designed to Make You Invisible

Invisibility Shield Company, a London-based startup, has created the technology to create an invisibility shield that will help you surprise your friends or avoid your enemies.

The invisibility shield employs a precision-engineered lens array that directs much of the light reflected by the subject away from the observer. It transmits it laterally across its face to the left and the right. This array has lenses arranged vertically so that the vertically oriented light reflected from the subject is quickly diffused horizontally.

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Because the background light is brighter and more diffused, it bounces off the shield’s back and is reflected toward the observer. The observer sees the background light as a horizontal layer that runs horizontally across the shield’s front, blocking the view of the subject.

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The team tried a wide range of lens shapes, with different profiles, angles, depths, and separation distances to develop the shield. The team also tried a variety of optical mounting methods to attach the arrays onto stronger scaffolds. Their solution preserves 98% optical properties and eliminates any need for toxic resins.

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The shields are designed to be durable and resistant to UV and temperature. It is often used for marine and external signage. The bond between layers has been tested using shear and is stronger than the material itself. The shields can be recycled 100% and shipped in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes.

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Shields work best when placed against a uniform background such as grass, foliage, rendered walls, and sand. Backgrounds with clearly defined horizontal lines, including natural ones as well as the horizon, are also possible.

Invisibility shields can be used to hide you from others and make it invisible. However, they cannot control riots and are not meant to protect you against any attack.

The company launched a crowdfunding campaign to enable people who wish to remain invisible to get their shield via the Kickstarter platform. The 12×8 inch invisibility shield is available at a price of PS49 ($65), while a full-size version, measuring 37×25 inches is available at PS299 ($394). It is expected that the company will begin its deliveries in December.

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