Seniors Are Buying Tiny Homes to Live Their Golden Years Off the Grid

Credits: Sausage Nonnas

Increasingly, retirees are eschewing traditional retirement homes and RVs in favor of tiny homes. A survey in 2015 indicated that seniors make up a significant segment of the tiny home community, with 30% of tiny home inhabitants aged between 51 and 70.

This trend has led to more businesses tailoring compact homes with amenities designed to cater to the needs of older adults.

Take Bette Presley, who at 72, traded a larger living space for the simplicity and mobility of a tiny home. Her 166-square-foot house not only allows her the comfort of home but also the ability to live off-grid with solar power, all on wheels for travel at her leisure.

For Shirley Louiselle, the choice was about reducing her living space. She found the perfect fit in a 240-square-foot home constructed by her grandson, sparking the idea for his company, Next Door Housing.

This business integrates senior-specific features such as lowered countertops and wheelchair-accessible facilities. Similarly, companies like MEDCottage offer tiny homes as an alternative to conventional assisted living, complete with high-tech features that include medication reminders. These “granny pods” can be adapted for RV use or stationed on a fixed property.

Yet for some enterprising seniors, tiny homes represent more than just a place to retire—they’re a business opportunity. The Sausage Nonnas, a trio of Italian grandmothers, use their compact abodes to travel and whip up delicious meals for an event known as Sausage Sundays.