Self-Doubt And Your Purpose

self doubt

Fear can get you nowhere but imprison you into the downward spiral of self-doubt and uncertainty with yourself. By continually pondering about your inadequacies and engaging in the pleasurable act of self-pity, you even reinforce your self-doubts and your sense of inadequacy.

When your fear takes control of you, you become paralyzed and you cannot act in pursuing your dreams and your purpose in life.

Put simply, if you fear failure, you have a deep sense of insecurity and self-doubt, which you have to deal with. Failures are also part of life and you could learn immensely from such experiences. What matters is the way in which you bounce back after your failure.

With each second attempt after failing, you strengthen yourself in achieving the goals and dreams you have set before yourself.

Being courageous is different from being fearless. Keep in mind that fear has been embedded into our consciousness so that we can have a healthy assessment of danger and prevent us from making foolish decisions and dangerous acts.

If you have cultivated your fears and fed your insecurities, again and again, you may be now in your comfortable prison of self-doubt and uncertainty. This is a comfortable prison because it soothes your desire to move out into the unknown and reach out for your dreams.

But after it has prevented you from venturing out, your mind rebels against your situation and berates yourself for being such a coward and for being afraid to act.

You need to break free! You deserve so much better!

New experiences can add so much more to your character and to your personality. The different events in your life can contribute so much more to your courage and to your ability in dealing with the challenges of life.

You need to identify the reasons for your fear because by addressing these, you can become courageous and successful.

Think deeply about your goals and your desires and firmly implant these in your mind. In doing so, you can discover your purpose in life and you can start doing what you want to do in defiance of your fear.

Defying your fear does not come automatically; you have to deliberately strengthen your sense of purpose as well as your goals in life as these can help you become more aware of your strengths and your skills. When you defy your fears, you free yourself up to pursue your purpose in life.

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