This Unusual Japanese Train Station in the Middle of Nowhere Has No Entrance or Exit

Sometimes, we get so focused on getting to our destination that we forget about the beauty around us. Passengers step onto the platform at the Seiryu Miharashi station in Japan. They are forced to enjoy the views.


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The unusual platform, which has neither an exit nor an entrance, was opened on March 19, 2019, at the Nishikigawa Seiryu line in the south. This design encourages travelers to stop and admire the natural world around them before continuing their journey.

Seiryu Miharashi station can be found in Yamaguchi Prefecture, between the towns Nekasa and Naguwa. Its name literally means “Clear Stream Viewing Platform”, referring to its location overlooking the Nishiki River.

This station is only used by a handful of specialty trains. Passengers will not find ramps, gates, or paths to take them to their destination when they disembark at it. Seiryu Miharashi is isolated in the mountains so passengers must wait until another train arrives to take them to their destination.

This station is a unique stop for rail enthusiasts and travelers. The trip is a chance to see the natural beauty of the area and to appreciate the time spent slowing down.

In Japan’s Yamaguchi Prefecture, a new train station opened.


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The Seiryu Miharashi Station is located on the Nishikigawa Seiryu Line. It has neither an entrance nor an exit.

It was designed to encourage people to enjoy the scenery until the next train arrives.


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This video gives you a better view of Seiryu Miharashi Station.

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