The inevitable demise of the International Space Station

Scientists warn that one day the ISS will have to be destroyed,…

Scientists have discovered an exoplanet with an unusual orbit

Scientists have announced that they have discovered an exoplanet with an unusual…

NASA has a new idea how to search for extraterrestrial worlds

The search for extraterrestrial civilizations remains an exotic but not neglected task…

There are small black holes that don’t “follow” the rules

Scientists at Curtin University have announced that they have discovered several galaxies…

It turns out the Earth is closer to a black hole

The Earth turned out to be closer to the black hole in Milky Way galaxy.

This stellar engine could theoretically move Earth’s entire solar system

A scientist has come up with a design for an engine to save Earth from cosmic disaster by driving the sun through space.

NASA announces payload for next Moon trip

Before man takes a small step on the moon again, NASA are sending a 2021 test flight and here are a few of the goodies it will have on board.

NASA released new image of the second interstellar object in our solar system

Interstellar object number two has entered our solar system and been snapped by NASA observers.

We may have got it all wrong about the shape of the Universe

Scientists reveal that competing studies suggest our existing models for the shape of the Universe may need totally revising.

Dark matter may pre-date the Big Bang, scientists say

A new study released by Tommi Tenkanen suggests that dark matter existed prior to the Big Bang, explaining the matter’s odd behavior.

Millions of undiscovered black holes in the Milky Way galaxy are consuming matter from interstellar space

The Milky Way Galaxy is home to over 100 million black holes.

Extraterrestrials may have explored the Milky Way galaxy and visited Earth already

Are we alone?