The 7 most expensive materials in the world

What would you answer if someone asked you what are the most…

New form of matter was created by the first nuclear bomb

American and Italian physicists have found that the mineral trinitite, formed at…

Quarks and electrons may have consciousness

A philosopher has been setting our thinking about quarks in a strange, and rather charming, spin with his thoughts on the limits of consciousness.

Could this be a working time machine?

A Connecticut professor has designs for a machine that, while maybe not taking him to King Arthur’s court, could travel back in time.

Quantum experiment suggests objective reality doesn’t exist

A new paper drawing on an old thought experiment points out just how subjective the idea of objective reality might be.

Quantum teleportation between computer chips is now possible

And, it is using ‘spooky action at a distance’ of quantum entanglement.

New superconductor opens the way for a new era of supercomputers

Researchers have discovered a new super-conductive miracle material that may become the new silicon for the coming generations of supercomputer.

A breakthrough in Quantum Teleportation as the first Qutrit is teleported

A triple laser-split photon has been used to demonstrate the first ever qutrit teleportation and the possibilities for cryptography are breathtaking.

Quantum capers: introducing a common sense guide to Quantum Physics

Quantum physics has long baffled even the greatest minds in science.

Mirror neutrons are particles that could make alternative dimensions a reality

Has science finally found a way to visit other mirror Universes, or even a multiverse, beyond our own?