Historic Ship Reclaimed By Nature Has a Second Life As a Protective Breakwater

When most ships are decommissioned, they are either trashed or decoupled, and…

Gorgeous Photos Capture a Stormy Sunset Over North Carolina’s Outer Banks

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Greenland is getting darker and this is threatening the world

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Melting glacier could unleash a tsunami in Alaska

A huge glacier in Alaska could be the cause of a devastating tsunami in the area, warn American geologists.

Ocean warming now at the rate of five Hiroshima bombs of heat, every second

An exercise in number-crunching revealed a devastating statistic about the atomic scale of ocean warming that we still can’t quite get our head around.

Searching for battery power at the bottom of the sea

As land based mines are either depleted or bring horrifying human rights risks, science finds new cobalt sources to mine – on the sea bed

Weed killer use may threaten dangerously reduced food production thanks to Black Grass

Food security in the UK may be threatened thanks to the overuse of herbicides and the spreading of resistant strains of Black Grass.

Scientists are close to inventing spray-on solar panels

We are getting spray-on solar cells, soon.

China getting close to workable nuclear fusion with its “artificial sun”

The Chinese are closing in on the holy grail of sustainable energy.

Climate change is decimating our sealife through a strange new disease

The melting Arctic sea ice spreads a virulent and deadly virus.

Mobile phones are killing the planet and they’re only getting worse

The carbon footprint of our phones is only growing with each successive new release and the resources to make them are running out fast.

Warming your car by running the engine could land you with a hefty fine

Don’t get fined this winter.