Life often gives us pleasant but unpleasant surprises. Along with this come the nerves, the worries, and all this leaves us with an unpleasant sensation and makes us unhappy. How to deal with these waves of unhappiness. See our tips on how to be happy in every situation.

The ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus has said that man’s happiness begins and ends with his mind. Everything is in our heads. We decide how to accept specific news about our behavior in a given situation. We choose to bow our heads and to pity ourselves or to stand up and meet what life has prepared for us.

How one responds to a situation depends more on his personality rather than on the case. Here are some simple rules that may help you to deal with unpleasant situations, if not with a smile, at least with a little more courage.

Live in the present

Whatever your life has prepared for you, accept it. Live in the present. Do not think how happy you were yesterday or how much better you could be tomorrow. Do not focus too much on the unpleasant situation. Try to look at things more broadly.

Accept that life has its good and bad sides. And most importantly, take a step forward here, today, and now, to be happier to get out of the bad times and transition to the better ones.

Work for your happiness

Happiness will never come just like that. You have to pursue it, go to it, and be active. Look at your actions as small steps towards a better situation, a better future, and the present as well. Look at the problems as an opportunity for a change, for personal growth, things essential for a person’s overall life.

Be realistic

When something unpleasant happens to you, step back. Be realistic about your situation. Everyone has troubles; there are no people without problems, and to whom happen only good things. Accept the bad as part of life. So you will escape from a situation where you will pity yourself.

Seek small pieces of happiness every day

Dozens of good things happen around us daily. You just have to learn to capture, notice, and understand them. Explore the world around you as it is. And do not be afraid to smile even on the street, also when you are alone. These small, stolen smiles will make your day more colorful and will help you more easily face trouble.

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