Robot Turns Itself to Liquid to Escape Cage and Then Reforms Just Like in Terminator 2

Credits: Chinese University of Hong Kong

Realizing that we live in the darkest timeline couldn’t have felt more official. Researchers from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and America’s Carnegie Mellon University have done a project; This is no ordinary project – It’s a new type of material that can replicate the abilities of the T-1000, the evil robot from Terminator!

Here’s a quick recap for the movie buffs that have seen the Terminator Movies: The T-1000 shape-shifts and loses his form by turning liquid to glide through a set of bars blocking his path. He returns to his original form and continues his mission to terminate Sarah Connor.

A tiny robot resembling the T-1000 Terminator Cybor can be seen melting and escaping a small cage in a video presented by the Researchers. The video shows the robot melting and turning into a liquid escaping through the cage’s bars. The robot returns to its original form as soon as it breaks free!

However, researchers have assured that their version of T-1000 will not set on the journey to murder John Connor.

Carmel Majidi, a Senior author professor, explained the science behind the shape-shifting robot. He explained that magnetic particles cause the robot to lose its form and turn liquid.

Pan, the project’s team leader, says that their projects have also successfully removed a foreign object from a model stomach. The team later utilized the robots to deliver the drugs per need into the same model.

While the movie model of this robot was evil, having this robot, in reality, is impressive. These robots can also help doctors set groundbreaking milestones in the medical domain.

These robots are an outlook to the future, and the population is YOU.

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