Rescue Dog Keeps Paw On New Owner At All Times To Make Sure He Won’t Be Left Again

It can be very difficult to get over the trauma of being a rescue dog. These voiceless creatures can be treated harshly by people and other factors. They can sometimes defend themselves, but more often than they are, the poor animals are left behind without anyone to care for them.

It is heartbreaking to watch any animal wander by themselves, let alone in poor condition. They are unable to let anyone know about their problems or seek help. They are mostly silent and suffer in silence.

There are people out there who can be a blessing to them. These people go above and beyond to help animals that have been abandoned, injured, abused, or neglected. Although it is almost impossible to save all of them, it doesn’t hurt to try.

If we all played our part in society, this place could be wonderful for both us and them. Trust me, it makes life 10000 times better to have an animal around. Wait, nope. There’s more! We have evidence to prove it.

This story will make you laugh and may even make your heart break. Scroll down to see the story of a remarkable human and his best friend!

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Stanley was found with his mother and siblings on an abandoned property under very suspicious circumstances. He was just six months old at the time.

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Meet Sam Clarence. He is a person with a heart full of gold. Sam adopted Stanley from the Christchurch bully breed rescue. Sam could not help but feel sorry for the little guy and would never allow him to experience pain again. He was not lying about his heart of gold!

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Sam is also an experienced dog-walker and was fortunate enough to be able to foster Stanley. Stanley felt that Sam was the missing piece to his life. Stanley received all the love and care he required from Sam.

Sam soon realized that this was more than a foster dog. He was his best friend and loyal companion. Stanley was for Sam the most important thing. Stanley was the same. Sam is his entire world.


It took time. Stanley took a while to get over his initial shock. Stanley had been through so much that it was difficult to trust someone new. Stanley was so scared of getting out of the car that Sam had to take him home. It took him almost an hour to realize that getting out of the car wouldn’t be dangerous.

Our Sam, a wonderful man, had all the patience and did everything possible to get Stanley to trust him. He wanted to love, care, give attention, comfort, warmth, and provide him with love. He did just that! It worked.

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Stanley and Sam are inseparable. Stanley is always with Sam wherever he goes. Because Sam is sensitive to Stanley’s needs and cares about him, their bond is strong. This helped Stanley get past his trauma. Their relationship is stronger because he knows Sam won’t abandon him. Their love is admirable, and their bond is unbreakable.

Stanley is now more confident and he trusts other dogs and people. Clarence’s help made Stanley more comfortable and accepted. Stanley is grateful to his father and loves him very much for giving him the opportunity to live his normal life.

Under Sam’s love and warmth, Stanley was ready for the big leap into this world. He transformed from being a nervous and anxious dog to becoming a loving, affectionate and confident pup.

It was possible only because Sam made it possible. Stanley is still Sam’s faithful companion to this day. Stanley is always there for Sam, even when he’s on a trip. They are like “two peas in one”, with Sam always having his paw on Sam’s arm and Stanley napping close to Sam so he can feel his presence.

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