Recycled Wood Pallets Turned into Stylish Tiny Homes For the Homeless

Architect finds a cheap, efficient, eco-friendly way to shelter the homeless.

Susan Wines set out to build the perfect house for homeless refugees using recycled materials.

Azin Valy, her fellow architect, was also a failure at first. Susan fell on a pile of pallets while walking and the idea hit her.

They set to work dismantling pallets and organizing them into different floor plans.

They finally found the perfect small, low-cost structure after a lot of trial and error. They created a masterpiece of art.

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These tiny houses are modern and sleek with their clean lines.


They are modern and stylish, but also very practical. This bench has a cool built-in design.


The interior is just as impressive as the exterior. The inside pallets have been painted a light grey color, and long, slim lights hang from the ceiling.

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Because the walls are thin, they don’t take up much space. This makes it easy to divide living spaces.

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Designers created a ladder that leads to the loft. It can accommodate a full-size bed.

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You can also see how the minimalist lights work well with the simplicity and elegance of the palettes.

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These homes could be a great help to homeless people around the globe.

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