A Kind Priest Brings Stray Dogs To Mass So They Can Find New Families

Brazil’s homeless dogs regularly attend church services to meet new owners. You might think abandoned dogs somehow turn to God for help. However, this amazing scenario is still possible every Sunday at Paroquia de Sant’Ana Gravata.

Father Joao Paolo Araujo Gomes, the head of Santana’s parish in Gravata in Brazil, does the kindest and most inspiring thing for the homeless dogs that live around his church. To help homeless animals find homes, he invites them to join his service. His church and his large heart will always welcome dogs. Who wouldn’t go to Mass with adorable dogs?

Credits: Padre João Paulo

Dogs are our unconditional companions, providing us with laughter and precious memories. It’s only fair that we pay them back. We can all make the world a better place.

Credits: Padre João Paulo

Father Joao Paulo shelters abandoned animals in his rectory, away from the dangers of the streets. In the hope that they will be noticed, however, he brings his furry friends along to the church service.

Credits: Padre João Paulo

Every Sunday, the priest ensures that the dogs are at the center of attention. This honorable position is where everyone can see them. Dogs are loyal and important, but they will still be dogs.

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Credits: Padre João Paulo

They love to be petted and walked around the altar. Dogs are as adorable and excited as ever, so they often join Father Joao at the altar to get some attention and belly rubs.

Credits: Padre João Paulo

He encourages members of the church to get involved in his dog rescue mission and invites people to bring a new pet home. His compassion raises awareness and helps to make a difference, starting with Gravata.

Credits: Padre João Paulo

Many dogs rescued from the streets are abandoned, suffering from cruel street life, and in dire need of immediate attention and help. These poor dogs need a loving Father to provide them with a home, care, and medical attention.

We are touched by their remarkable recovery stories and know how much love and care they have shown. It is a small act of kindness that can make a huge difference to the Gravata dogs.

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