Prada Joins Axiom Space to Create Next-gen Spacesuits for Artemis III

When Artemis III embarks on its mission to return humans to the Moon after half a century, NASA astronauts will make the journey with a touch of style. This comes as Prada collaborates with Axiom Space to craft state-of-the-art spacesuits for the lunar voyage.

While Axiom Space had earlier unveiled its latest spacesuit designs, the company now plans to tap into Prada’s knowledge in materials and production for this venture. An astronaut shared with BBC his confidence in Prada’s ability to rise to the occasion, given their history of producing distinct and trend-setting creations.

However, the design aesthetics for the Artemis III spacesuits won’t resemble luxury fashion wear or bear intricate patterns. The primary focus remains on ensuring the suits’ capability to handle the Moon’s challenging thermal conditions.

Earlier in the year, Axiom Space introduced a spacesuit they announced would be part of NASA’s forthcoming Artemis missions. With Prada entering the scene, it’s anticipated that modifications will be made to enhance astronauts’ movement and ease while navigating the lunar terrain.

The integration of Prada’s designs will commence with Artemis III, set to follow Artemis II, projected to launch either at the end of the coming year or the beginning of 2025.

Although NASA hasn’t pinpointed an exact launch timeframe, the collaboration of Axiom Space and Prada assures that astronauts will be well-equipped for these monumental expeditions.

Significantly, Artemis II will feature the Orion spacecraft circling the Moon and will be marked by the inclusion of the maiden woman and the first black astronaut designated for a lunar mission, further emphasizing its historic significance.