Portals Installed 376 Miles Apart Let People Interact With Each Other in Real Time

Credits: Portal

Residents of Vilnius, Lithuania, and Lublin, Poland, were amused to find that two hi-tech portals allowed them to interact with people as far as 376 apart. Benediktas Gylys Foundation introduced the technology, which was developed using the inability to travel and lack of human interaction that affected the world during the COVID-19 pandemic as inspiration.

The “portals” are composed of a circular frame, a giant screen, and cameras. So, instead of allowing people to go from one location to another, the portals allow them to interact with whoever is in front of the other device in the opposing city in real time.

The portals have been in development for about five years, approximately. In Vilnius, the device was placed near a train station, while in Lublin, it was placed in the city’s central square. The placement in crowded places allows people to interact with the portals nearly at all times.

The developing team says that the devices were created to contribute to the humanization of residents of different communities. The need for “unity” is more than imminent in the post-pandemic world, now that we are all experiencing the consequences of being separated from each other.

The next cities to receive portals include Reykjavik, Iceland, and London, England, although the launch date is still unknown.

Benediktas Gylyus Foundation launched Portal, a hi-tech device that allows people to communicate with others in distant cities via video calls.

Watch how the citizens of Vilnius, Lithuania, and Lublin, Poland, interact with each other through portals that appear to be taken out of a Sci-Fi movie:

Futuristic portals allow residents of Lublin and Vilnius to interact with each other in real time.

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