Recent research on this topic shows that no matter what wide range the technologies in our lives may have, we should look at them as our enemies. Phones watch us making the wrong step and stab us in the back, turning us into addicted individuals with poor mental and physical health. Scientists agree that there are non-phone places.

On the table

One of the saddest and most disturbing sights is a table with several people sitting in complete silence. Why? Because everyone is staring at their phone. The excuse to just check something is not real. Is it REALLY right at this point to check something SO IMPORTANT?

Would you believe an alcoholic saying, “Just one sip.” Would you believe a gambling addict promising, “This time was the last one.” Why do you think your addiction is more innocent? No one denies the need for technology in modern life, nor their advantages. But you need to know where to put the boundary, and not just in theory.

In the bedroom

Your sleep will be much healthier and quieter if you charge your phone in another room. Don’t fall asleep staring at your phone screen. In addition, if you wake up at night, you will not be tempted to grab the device, as you have probably done hundreds of times, which in turn will lead to even longer sleeplessness. Admit how many times you fell asleep at dawn because you forgot yourself surfing the internet.

How many times has your hand cramped out of an uncomfortable pose? How many times have your eyes and head ached from staring? Now try to remember what was so important in those moments and do you have any memories of all the information your brain went through during the hours stolen from sleep!

In the conference room

You will make a very bad impression on your colleagues and your boss if you leave your phone on the table next to you during a business meeting or a presentation. Despite the fact that this leads to insensitivity and increased dependence, this also speaks of a lack of respect for others.

By the way, the same goes for an ordinary meeting with a friend. Imagine how you would feel if you shared something important, and the person in front of you was constantly distracted by the lights, notifications, and messages on his phone. Not very pleasant, is it?

Life without a phone is not a mirage!

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