The Beautiful Pink Lawn You Never Have to Mow, Water or Weed

Lawns are not so popular these days. They are not only difficult to maintain, but they can also be harmful to the environment.

Mono-crop grasses need a lot of watering, fertilizing, and “herbiciding” Is it really a good idea to dump clean water on non-edible grass in the face of increasing water scarcity around the globe?

You will also need gasoline to power your lawnmower.

Furthermore, mono-crop fields are also starving pollinators who used to depend on wild prairie grasses, flowers, and forests.

People are always looking for alternative options. For a lawn that looks and feels more like a regular lawn, some people are starting to plant edible gardens. Others are also planting prairie grasses and flowers in order to attract pollinators.

We now have another option – creeping red thyme. The cover crop, which is fast-growing and can spread like a carpet across your entire lawn, is similar to clover.


It is low to the ground and never grows more than 3-4 inches. It is soft and reminiscent of clover and can be walked on or laid on for years without ever dying.

Although creeping thyme isn’t edible, it attracts pollinators and humans, as well as repelling mosquitoes.

It is extremely drought-tolerant and should not be watered unless it is in an extremely dry area.

Its roots are deeper than the soil so it doesn’t require fertilizer. This is good news for rivers, lakes, and oceans that have been polluted with fertilizer runoff.

The no-maintenance cover crops create a thick, dense mat wherever they are planted. This means that you don’t need to weed or apply herbicides.


Bonus: The perennial flowers last for many years and will transform your lawn into a lovely shade of pinkish-lavender for most of the year.

If you desire variety, you can plant it in sections.

You can let it run the entire yard.

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