Gorgeous Photos Capture a Stormy Sunset Over North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Credits: George Wang

Who would have thought that North Carolina’s outer banks are as beautiful as heaven’s gates? Well, Technology officer, George Wang who is also a leisure photographer, captured the amazing view of the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his DSLR camera, and the view is indeed a stunning one. By combining his love for art with his passion for technology, he captured a sight that professional photographers will give anything to have.

An eventful North Carolina Trip

George took a trip to North Carolina, and on arriving at the Outer Banks region, he used his drone camera to take pictures of the amazing picturesque scenery. He also took the time to capture the wild horses roaming the region, and the images he came up with are too surreal to be true. The crashing waves and the sun fading in the face of approaching darkness makes up an eventful portfolio. His catalog is made up of three images.

North Carolina’s Outer Banks


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For the first image, he captures the outer banks, and we can see a clear view of the waves crashing on the shoreline. Far into the horizon are stormy clouds hanging above the crashing waves. So what you see is a brilliant combination of clouds, waves, and sand combining to make a perfect image fit for any wallpaper or art gallery.

The purple hues of the clouds appear surreal, and the natural feature of the banks is worth the view. George Wang is known to post natural images on his Instagram page, and this one has steadily gathered a lot of likes and comments, and followers commend the quality of the image.

Untamed Corolla horses


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A post shared by George Wang (@whonksta)

A second image is a group of wild Corolla horses feeding along the river banks. Capturing horses in their natural habitat is only common with wildlife photographers, and every opportunity to capture a colony in this state is worth the time and patience.

In George Wang’s image, we see the descendants of the Spanish Mustangs on the northern region of the beach. His image captures 2 of them grazing on seagrass, but in the background, we still see the same cloudy theme in a clear display. Corolla horses are known to populate the region, but capturing them at the same time as the rising clouds made the image even more valuable.

Capture the Photographer

Not to be left out of the action, George took the time to capture himself and his friends with his drone camera. In this image, they are seen dabbing as they strike playful poses with the fiery sunset hanging in all its glory behind them.

While photography is a thing of personal interest to him, we are sure that he may have been surprised with the quality of the pictures he was able to capture on his adventures.

So if you are in need of some inspiration, visit George Wang’s page to enjoy some of the pleasures that nature has to offer in still pictures.

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