Photographer Spends 2 Years Photographing Animals That May Soon Be Extinct

Endangered animals seem far away to most people. Tim Flach, a British photographer, has spent two years documenting endangered animals’ fragile lives and their habitats. Endangered, the resulting collection of photographs, gives us an intimate view of the lives of some of Earth’s most endangered species. It reminds us all of what we could lose.

Flach covers a range of endangered species. These include species we all know (cheetah, polar bear, snow leopard) and exotic wild animals that we only see in movies (saigas, Philippine eagles, olm salamanders). Flach also reveals the unique challenges each species faces to survive. Many species have seen their numbers reduced by habitat destruction. Some endure worse ordeals like poaching, hunting, and being sold to the black market.

Flach often said that he hopes to show in his animal photos the connections that humans have with wild animals. It’s hard to believe that any of these animals would be less worthy than us when we look into their eyes. Scroll down to view the most striking images of Endangered animals.

#1 Saiga

endangered animals tim flach1
Credits: Tim Flach

#2 Polar Bear

endangered animals tim flach 2
Credits: Tim Flach

#3 Philippine Eagle

endangered animals tim flach 3
Credits: Tim Flach

#4 Hyacinth Macaw

endangered animals tim flach 4
Credits: Tim Flach

#5 Iberian Lynx

endangered animals tim flach 5
Credits: Tim Flach

#6 Cheetah With Cubs

endangered animals tim flach 6
Credits: Tim Flach

#7 Ring-Tailed Lemur

endangered animals tim flach 7
Credits: Tim Flach

#8 Ploughshare Tortoise

endangered animals tim flach 8
Credits: Tim Flach

#9 Fireflies

endangered animals tim flach 9
Credits: Tim Flach

#10 Hippopotamus

endangered animals tim flach 10
Credits: Tim Flach

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