People Working In These Jobs Are Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partner

cheating at work

According to research, brokers and bankers are the most common love cheats.

A survey shows that they are more likely to leave home than pilots, flight attendants, doctors, and nurses.

These findings are based on a survey of over 5,000 women who cheat on their partners.

Another poll revealed that 65% of unfaithful women cheat at work.

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However, 85% of respondents said they wouldn’t recommend sleeping with a coworker.

According to the survey, having an affair with your colleague makes work more fun, exciting, and easier.

According to Inc, the workplace is the best place to meet someone you can trust and where you can hide from the world.

According to almost 70% of women polled, the worst thing about having an illicit relationship at work is the possibility for it to go wrong – even though you have to continue working with the person involved.

One in five (21%) said that it is more likely that your partner will discover if there are rumors at work.

Only 10% of respondents were worried about their career, fearing that mixing work with pleasure could hinder their job performance.

Victoria Milan, a dating site for married and connected people who are looking to cheat, conducted a poll of 5,658 cheating females.

According to Sigurd Vedal (founder and chief executive officer of Victoria Milan), people value having fun and enjoying life more than their career advancement.

The top 10 most cheating professional circles

  1. Financial (Bankers and brokers, analysts, etc.
  2. Aviation (Pilots, flight attendants, flight pursers, etc.)
  3. Healthcare (Doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, etc.)
  4. Business (CEOs, managers, secretaries, etc.)
  5. Sports (Athletes, instructors, representatives, etc.)
  6. Arts (Musicians, models, actors, photographers, etc.)
  7. Nightlife Industry (DJs and dancers, waiters, etc.)
  8. Communication (Journalists and public relations professionals, communicators, etc.
  9. Legal (Lawyers and secretaries, prosecutors, judges, etc.)
  10. Other industries

[H/T: Daily Mirror]

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