People Spend More Time on the Phone Than They Sleep

A study conducted by Silentnight showed that people sleep an average of 8 hours and 21 minutes, and with electronic devices spend about 8 hours and 41 minutes a day. 81% of survey participants did not turn off the phone at night. 4 out of 10 adults and teenagers wake up even at night from the sound of the phone.

51% of respondents in the study spend most of their time in the morning reading e-mails and surfing the Internet, 32% spend their morning time looking after their appearance, and only 18% – for breakfast.

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According to experts, the quality of sleep decreases dramatically for most people due to the electronic devices by which they are surrounded around the clock. Previous research has shown that the blue light emitted by gadget screens disrupts the body’s biological rhythms.

A prolonged lack of sleep can weaken the immune system. In addition, it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even adversely affects fertility. In addition, due to lack of sleep, a person may experience mental problems.

Experts advise turning off electronic devices at least an hour and a half before bedtime. Using the Internet and searching on social networks before going to bed overloads the working memory. Therefore, a person sleeps poorly.

A recent study of nearly 500 students between the ages of 13 and 15 found that many teenagers suffer from sleep problems and fatigue. 80% of those who had such complaints used electronic devices at bedtime.

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