North Korea Claims Kim Jong Il Invented Burritos

Credits: Pen News

Before you head to Chipotle the next time or think about the invention of the Burrito, let us tell you about one possibility that you would never even think of. In 2022, North Korean Media claimed that Late Kim Kong II invented burritos in an unlikely origin story making the rounds worldwide!

Rodong Sinmun, the state propaganda outlet of North Korea, released this strange claim in a report. The report from Rodong stated that the ex-Dictator and the father of the current North Korean leader gave the idea for burritos. According to the report, Kim Jong II gave the idea for burritos in 2011, just before his demise from a heart attack.

However, to maintain originality, the North Koreans renamed burritos “Wheat Wraps.” The country further released a video to fortify its claims.

The video shows the street vendors selling the wheat wraps and the North Korean public enjoying the “Wheat Wraps” in the streets of Pyongyang. The video also shows the culinary experts preparing the Wheat wrap in a kitchen.

Unfortunately for North Korea, the world knows that Burritos originated in Mexico. The first burritos were made around the early 1900s, and after that, Burritos became famous in the United States around the 1950s.

The social media users didn’t retain their silence and responded to the news brought forward by The Asian country. A Twitter user @Joebiwancannoli stated that Noth Korea claiming themselves the originators of Burrito is “my favorite weird thing about 2022 so far.”

And it didn’t stop there. The Asian country came in the crosshairs of many other Twitter users who took the chance and took shots at North Korea on their shaky timeline.

However, this isn’t the first attempt at making odd attempts at making odd assertions from an East-Asian country. Among other hilarious claims from North Korean media, one claimed that Kim dominated the 18-hole course goal by having 11 holes-in-one.

Another claim from North Korean Media flourished their leader’s gifted capabilities and said he could drive at three. Call it wrong demographics or wonder, but a North Korean claim also suggested that there is not a single disabled person living in South Korea.

According to Ranker, the country has also laid claims to cure diseases like cancer and AIDS due to their medical advancement in 2016. Those are some tremendous accomplishments!

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