11-Year-Old Nigerian Dancer Gets Dance Scholarship Because of Viral Video

Anthony Mmesoma Madu, a Nigerian dancer aged 11, would be described as graceful and ethereal if you had to choose two words. The talented young dancer has overcome stereotypes to become an accomplished performer and recently became a viral sensation. Madu is one of 12 students at the Leap of Dance Academy in June 2020. They posted a video showing him in his element.

The video shows a barefooted Madu, showing a remarkable dedication to his craft. The backdrop of rain is a constant reminder of Madu’s joy and inspiration. Each of his swift steps and steady turns on concrete creates a feeling of inspiration.

Although he grew up in a society that disapproves of ballet, and his parents envisioned him as a priest’s future, Madu didn’t lose his true passion for dance. In an interview with Reuters, he said that dancing makes him feel like he is on top of the world.

Madu’s video of dancing has been viewed more than 15,000,000 times and has received praise from stars like Viola Davis, an award-winning actress. Cynthia Harvey, artistic director of New York’s American Ballet Theatre Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Dance, has seen the video.

Harvey was moved by the youth dancer’s drive and determination that she offered him a scholarship to a three-week online summer dance workshop led by the American Ballet Theater. The scholarship also includes internet access. A viral video caused outside financial support to Madu’s dance academy to increase.

This is specifically designed to offer free ballet lessons for Madu and his classmates as well as combat gender stereotypes regarding dance.

Madu has been studying at Ballet Beyond Borders in the United States on a scholarship. While Madu is thrilled to have all the support and opportunities, he is also ready to address those who continue to criticize his love for ballet.

He says that his friends feel confused when he dances. “I won the grand prize to fly to the United States. I’m excited about this and I know that ballet is the answer.”

Anthony Mmesoma Madu, an 11-year old Nigerian ballet dancer, fights against gender and cultural stereotypes every day.

He is one of 12 students at his dance academy. It’s obvious that he’s a rising star.

This captivating video shows a barefoot ballet performance performed in the rain.

This performance earned the young dancer an International Dance Scholarship to the ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Dance, New York.

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