Netherlands’ Largest “Flower Stream” Garden Bursts With 7 Million Colorful Blooms

The Netherlands has an exquisite flower garden to lure tourists every year. Keukenhof, the garden of Europe, boasts a wide presence of 7 million bulbs.

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These flowers stretch over a whopping 79 acres representing the beauty of Dutch flora. Since 1950, tourists have frequent visits to Flower stream in the South Holland province of the Netherlands.

This magnificent garden opens every spring. Notably, more than 100 florists take part in this annual extravaganza of a pleasant natural experience. The garden has a dominant presence of tulips and orchid flowers. However, other bulbous flowers like hyacinth and daffodils offer an incredible variety.

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The flowerbeds look like colorful rivers from a distance. The gardeners ensure constant blooms during the flower park peak season. For this purpose, over 40 gardeners plant three bulbs in each location. Hence, visitors witness a gradual flora blooming sight every spring season.

The major attraction of the Keukenhof Flower Stream garden is none other than Tulips. In 17th-century Amsterdam, tulips were as valuable as diamonds; some might argue even more! The prominence of tulips, however, traces back to the 16th century.

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During a visit to Suleiman, the magnificent de Busbecq, ambassador of the Habsburg monarchy, brought tulips to Vienna.

He passed this majestic flower bulb to a botanical friend, Charles, who taught at the University Of Leiden, Netherlands. Since then, tulips became a symbol of exotic possession amongst the wealthy Dutch folk. Now, tulips find an important place in the Netherlands, especially in the Flower Stream.

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The History

There is an intriguing element to the entry of tulips into the Netherlands. In the same way, the garden that contains these tulip bulbs every year has a fascinating little history.

Before being a famous flower bulb garden, Keukenhof was a planting space for fruits and vegetables. It was 1949 when 20 flower bulb growers decided to plant spring flowers at the estate.

Today, Keukenhof is not only a tourist spot but also a networking location. The park organizes trade events for flower growers. So, florists all over the globe plan their Flower Stream garden visit judiciously.

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The flower park is easily accessible for tourists as it’s near Amsterdam. The Keukenhof bus express, guided tour, and local taxi are common ways to reach the flower garden.

In addition to flowers, the site has statues that elevate the overall experience. Hence, Keukenhof isn’t just a flower garden, but Netherland’s statue garden too!

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The Flower Stream garden is a symbol of the proud Dutch flora tradition. The park opens from March till mid-May. Interestingly, it is accessible to the public on weekdays as well as weekends.

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If you plan on visiting this wonderful flower garden, the Keukenhof bus is a fantastic option. It departs from several train stations to minimize any hassle of travel.

The location has fine hiking trails that enhance the sightseeing experience immensely. So, discovering the colorful flower fields in Holland is a unique proposition. With Keukenhof, the beauty of Dutch history remains fresh and alive!

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